Child protection

feature-22School has specific procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse of any kind. If we suspect that a child may be suffering abuse, we are legally obliged to follow the Norfolk Area Child Protection Procedures. Parents should be aware that, if a child makes an allegation about his/her parents, then the school will refer this to the Social Services Department who will decide how and when to proceed.

It may be that the first a parent knows of an allegation is a visit from a social worker, whose role will be to find out if there is a cause for concern.

The school appreciates that this may be a traumatic experience for the parent(s) but, in the interests of the child, it is important that the matter be investigated at the earliest opportunity.

If the child has made an allegation about someone other than a member of the immediate family, then the parents will be informed and involved from the outset.

We sincerely hope that none of the above will be necessary but, if it should be, then it is hoped that, by reading this first, you will appreciate that there are set procedures and that these do not, as far as the staff of the school are concerned, in any way amount to an accusation of wrong doing. We are here primarily for the benefit of the child, and in almost all cases this means working with parents.