Student Council

What is a Student Council?

A Student Council is a group of children who are elected, by their class, to represent the views of all pupils and suggest ways to improve their academy. Our academy council meet every week with Mrs Speed (Teaching assistant), who leads the discussions and listens to the children’s ideas. Our new class representatives are:


Searchers Yr1 Mrs Roberts

Parker and Teddy

Seekers Yr1 Mrs Jackson

Tillie and Ethan

 Pioneers Yr2 Mrs Pettit and Mrs Pierpoint

Grace and Jarred

 Investigators Yr2 Mrs Upton

Aimee and Poppy

 Navigators Yr3 Miss Meakins

Charlie and Danny

 Wayfarers Yr3 Mr Shreeve

Charlie  and Elle

 Pathfinders Yr4 Mr Berry

Aman and Emily

 Creators Yr4 Mrs Manifold

Dylan  and Jamie

 Voyagers Yr5 Mrs Horton

Savannah  and Christopher

 Discoverers Yr6 Miss Boyd

Keanan and Rheo

 Crusaders Yr6 Mrs Redhead

Adam  and Isla-Jade