How can we help?

Principal_RutherfordAt Ormiston Herman Academy we are committed to making sure that we are offering parents the very best for their children. Our SATs results show that we are already exceeding the government’s tougher 2016 targets for pupil achievement and we are proud to be making a positive difference to young people and the community that we serve.

However, we are keen to perform even better!

We value the learning that takes place in the home. We know that when parents and children share  learning experiences it has a positive impact on the development of strong lifelong learning habits.

We also recognise that education has changed since many parents went to school themselves!

Therefore, we need to know how we can help you, to help your child, move even further forward with their home learning.

  • Are you a little confused by how reading is taught in school?

  • Does literacy homework leave you wanting to know more about how children are taught to structure their writing?

  • Can we help you better by sharing our calculation strategies in mathematics?

Please take a couple of seconds to complete this questionnaire so we can find out how we can help you.