22/05/2020 – Daily Challenge Accepted

Posted on: May 22, 2020

Welcome to the final Daily Challenge Accepted gallery of this half term. Please remember that the Daily Challenge and contact with teaching staff is NOT operational during the weekend or the Half Term break. Please refrain from emailing teachers between 3.00pm Friday 22nd May and 9.00am Monday 1st June. Many thanks for your support.

This week is Mental Health week, something we are proud to take an interest in every year. Please click here to see what we have compiled for this year.

With the government updating their position on Covid-19 we have placed the latest information for all parents, whatever your year group and position, in our letters home page. You can find our letters home page by clicking here.

For now, please enjoy yesterday’s photos. Don’t forget to send in your photos of today’s completed work.

Daily Challenge Accepted

In these most challenging times, we could all do with a good news story. ‘Daily Challenge Accepted’ is ours!

Each day, we will release a news post on our website featuring one piece of work from each year group as their ‘Daily Challenge Accepted’.

What we need from you – email a picture of your child/children completing their daily challenges to your year group teacher’s email address (these can be found below).

We’ll be striving to share different children’s work every day, so keep checking the ‘Daily Challenge Accepted’ post to see if your child has been featured. If you don’t want your child’s picture to be posted, take a photo of their completed work, or them completing the challenge that doesn’t include their face.

Please note that this is not a competition. We will not be sharing what we think is ‘the best’ work; so just do what you can, get involved and stay safe.

Nursery – nurseryteacher@ohacademy.co.uk

Reception – receptionteacher@ohacademy.co.uk

Year 1 – year1teacher@ohacademy.co.uk

Year 2 – year2teacher@ohacademy.co.uk

Year 3 – year3teacher@ohacademy.co.uk

Year 4 – year4teacher@ohacademy.co.uk

Year 5 – year5teacher@ohacademy.co.uk

Year 6 – year6teacher@ohacademy.co.uk

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