Be Social, Be Safe!

Posted on: July 3, 2014

Internet safety was the talking point during the afternoon on Wednesday 2nd July when birch class received two special visitors; police community officers Laura and Heather. Pupils watched a dvd highlighting the importance of keeping safe while online. After watching the informative short film, pupils had the opportunity to ask questions. The PCO’s discussed security settings being secure on social media sites, as well as not adding strangers as ‘friends’ Birch Class were informed about CEOP, which is a child exploitation and online protection centre for internet safety.After learning new ways to keep themselves safe, many pupils said that they would be making changes to their internet settings when they got home.

Courtney, a year 6 pupil said, ” I thought it was very interesting and I have learnt that it’s not safe to go on Facebook when you’re not old enough.”

Casey added, ” I found out that you have to be 13 to have Facebook and if you post a picture in a private message it will be on your Facebook profile.”

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