Enrichment Shiny Stars!

Posted on: October 8, 2015

As part of their Thursday afternoon Enrichment activity, Ben and Marcie have been investigating the effects of different household substances on metals. To do this they used three 1p coins, cola drink, and salt and vinegar.

Ben explained “We put one of the coins into a cup of cola. We used ¬†enough to completely cover the coin and left it in a place where it wouldn’t be disturbed for a week.”

Marcie added “We did a similar experiment with the salt and vinegar. It was important that the cup was kept still.”

During their Enrichment sessions with Mrs. Cooke the children have also performed the popular cola-and-mint experiment and created lava lamps. Ben said “I have learned that it is important to have a control experiment to compare results at the end. We did this by comparing our coins in cola and vinegar with a coin that had not.”

Vice Principal, Mark Thompson, said “I am really impressed with the learning that the children have undertaken during their Enrichment session. It’s wonderful to see children become enthused because of the passion of adults leading the activities.”

Enrichment at Herman Academy happens every Thursday afternoon during the learning day. If you would like to find out about our after-hours clubs please follow this link to the relevant page on our website.

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