Herman House Captains

Herman House Captains Announced

Posted on: February 7, 2014

Following weeks of campaigning and voting by the pupils at Herman Academy, the names of the new House Teams and Captains have been decided.

All pupils at Herman voted to select both their new House Names and House Captains, from children aged 3 in Nursery to 11 in the Senior Year. Pupils in Year 6 were nominated as candidates and then had to present themselves to the whole academy through a series of assemblies. They explained why they should be selected as House Captains and how they would help to celebrate great achievement through the Herman House System.

Vice Principal, Mark Thompson, said “It was fantastic to see the children speak passionately about how they felt the Herman House system could be used to celebrate success, engage parents and reward achievement. I am certain that giving ownership of the House Names to the children will lead to some really exciting inter-house competition.”

The House Names that the children chose are Saturn, Juipter, Venus and Mars. “These names are really exciting, “said Mr. Thompson “as they are planets that are all visible from our own Earth and that itself presents some great learning and teaching opportunities.”

Jupiter House will be captained by Lewis and has a House Colour of purple. Saturn House will be captained by Arrie and has a House Colour of orange. Venus House will be captained by Katie and as a House Colour of blue. Mars House will be captained by Cameron and has a House Colour of red.

All Herman pupils will be assigned a House Team ready for the first week after half term.

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