Mad Scientists!

Posted on: July 1, 2014

A day of science learning took place on Monday 30th June at Ormiston Herman Academy. Children in key stage one learnt all about shadows and had the opportunity to create their own shadow puppets. A fun investigation took place in Cherry Class, to find out which material would be suitable for ‘Flat Stanley’s’ rainmac. Children enjoyed making their book character and discovering which materials were waterproof. ‘Famous scientists who changed the world’ were explored in key stage two; Charles Darwin, who formulated the theory of evolution was the focus in Oak Class when the children created butterflies. Telephones were built from plastic cups and string in Pine Class, when pupils learnt about the famous inventor, Graham Bell. Other scientists explored were Isaac Newton and greek philospher Aristotle.Pupils learnt all about physics in Elm Class when they took part in a pendulum experiment. The academy also welcomed Dr Dee N A , from Mad Science, who came in and gave an assembly to KS1 and provided workshops for KS2 based on a theme of Space. Children took part in all the activities on offer and enjoyed taking part in the rota-based day. 

Mr Berry, teacher who organised the science day said, “The children were able to learn about the contribution of great scientists  in an exciting and hands on way.”

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