Nursery visit to Pettitts

Posted on: July 15, 2017

The Nursery children enjoyed a trip to Pettitts. They had fun having a trip on the coach, riding the rides, feeding the goats and watching a magic show by Bubbly Bingo the Clown. Some of the Nursery children commented on their day out:

Teddy: “I liked the teacups and the pirate ship because the teacups spinned round and round and the pirate ship went up and down, that’s why I liked them both.”

Saffron: “I liked it when I went on those little tractors because I done excellent driving.”
Gracie: “I liked the ‘go up elephants’ because they went high and I liked the train.”
Ellie-Mai: “I liked the rollercoaster and the rocking boat because I went really high and we all screamed. “
All in all it was a fantastic day enjoyed by children, parents and staff alike!


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