Ormiston Pupil Conference Call!

Posted on: October 7, 2015

On Tuesday 7th October, 3 children from Herman Academy made a conference call from the Vice Principal’s office to Ormiston Meadows, Packmore and Ormiston South Parade academies as part of the Magna Carta project.

You will remember that Herman Academy spent a week learning about the Magna Carta and creating our own version for our academy. As the next part of that learning, we will be heavily involved in creating a charter for all of the Ormiston academies.

The original Herman Charter was created back in June this year, with all of the children in the academy contributing to the process. The final version of that learning is shown below:

Herman Charter

The next phase is to work with children from other academies and plan the next version of the charter that will be adopted across Ormiston Academies Trust.

Vice Principal, Mark Thompson, said “It was a proud moment to hear the children from all academies talking to each other about how they created their charters. It is an exciting project that is being driven by the children themselves.”

Pupils at Herman will now be working to deliver statements and expectations around the themes of Feeling Safe and Believing in Yourself.

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