Owls Visit the Early Years

Posted on: September 30, 2015

Nursery and Reception have been reading the book ‘Owl Babies’ and learning about nocturnal animals.

We had a visit from the Frittin Owl Sanctuary and the children got to meet ‘Fluke’ a barn owl and ‘Shadow’ a tawny owl. The children demonstrated that they had been learning about owls by answering questions.

“Owls eat mice and slugs” said Ruby-Leigh when asked what they knew about owls. “Owls live in holes in trees” Ashton proudly answered. Phoebe knew that owls have sharp claws “they need them to pick up their food!”

Everyone was brave enough to gently touch the owls. It was an exciting and enjoyable experience for the children.

Amy Jackson, Early Years Teacher, said “It was a great opportunity to make learning relevant to the real world and enrich the curriculum. We’d all like to thank the owls for taking the time to visit us!”

Have a look at some of the images from the visit below:

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