May 2, 2019

Football Final

In the final of the County Championships Ormiston Herman came up against their toughest opposition to date. Martham played exceptionally well and... Read more

May 2, 2019

Year 4 Norfolk Broads Boat Trip

Year 4 have been studying the Norfolk Broads As part of their topic work, the children had the opportunity to experience them first hand with a boat... Read more

May 2, 2019

Defib – We did it!

We recently set out to raise enough money to have a defribilator in the academy. To celebrate our success we held a whole school assembly with... Read more

May 1, 2019

Year 5 Creativity Day at UEA.

  Year 5 went on a school trip on Thursday 25th April to the UEA for a creative day. They met an artist at the Sainsbury Centre who got the... Read more

May 1, 2019

Unesco World Book Day in Year 5

Last week we celebrated Unesco World Book Day. The children in Year 5 wrote some poems about the 'Dragon Song', they also did some art work of Dragon... Read more

May 1, 2019

Reception’s Castle Day

Reception had a special 'castle' theme day where they came to school dressed as kings, queens, princes, princesses, knights and dragons. We made... Read more

May 1, 2019

Year 3 make Roman Roads

As part of our Year 3 topic; Romans, we made Roman Roads out of chocolate. Later this week we will be using our experience to create a set of... Read more

April 29, 2019

Last Chance for Lego

The Lego Education Competition is coming to a close at the end of the week. Don't forget to collect your tokens, and be sure to get the bonus tokens... Read more

April 29, 2019

Year Trip to St. Mary Magdalane

On Friday 26th April Year 2 children went on a walk to the local church St Mary Magdalene. Here they were greeted by Rev Price and Mrs Price who... Read more

April 29, 2019

Mary Poppins

On Saturday 26th April a group of dedicated children and staff gave up 4 hours  of their Saturday to come into school. They were here for a day... Read more

April 29, 2019

Little Learners’ Dinosaur Discovery

In Little Learners Nursery this week we found something very exciting in our dinosaur museum role play area.  It was a huge egg in a nest.  We... Read more

April 23, 2019

We are the champions!

Huge congratulations to our academy football team who have won their regional league! It has been a closely contested league this year that went... Read more

April 5, 2019

Spring has sprung in Nursery

This week Nursery have been learning about Spring.  We learned that flowers grow, eggs hatch and baby animals are born in the Spring.  We did some... Read more

April 5, 2019

Pioneering the way!

Today we have been able to celebrate Pioneers tremendous successes! They have won the Attendance Award for 4 weeks this half term, giving them the... Read more

April 5, 2019

Read-a-thon Champions.

  On World Book Day we launched our read-a-thon to see who could read the most for this half term. The results have been staggering!... Read more

April 5, 2019

Year 1; Going on a Bear Hunt.

Year 1 recently took a trip to the Norwich Playhouse to see 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. They have loved reading the book, and all agreed that the... Read more

April 4, 2019

Year 2 Story Cafe

On Tuesday we welcomed 31 parents into our Year 2 classes to enjoy our Story Cafe. We read "Centipede's 100 Shoes" by Tony Ross. Adults and children... Read more

April 3, 2019

Easter Fair – Thank you for raising £1138.00

A huge thank you and congratulations for helping us raise £1138.00 at our Easter Fair. We hope you all had a fantastic time. A lot of work goes into... Read more

April 3, 2019

Year 2 Dash Through the Decades

This week Year 2 came dressed in various fashions from 1940'presents day.   We started the day in a 1940's classroom, where the teachers... Read more

April 2, 2019

Poetry Champions

As part of World Poetry Day we held a poem writing competition. Everyone got to enter a poem they had written and teachers from each class selected... Read more

April 2, 2019

Year 3 Rocket Boost Their Reading

Year 3 are on a mission to boost their reading, and have created a board game that helps them mark their progress. Every time they read at home they... Read more

March 29, 2019

Junior Librarians

These are just some of our fantastic students who help to keep the school library looking smart. Want a particular book? Then just ask one of our... Read more

March 29, 2019

Year 4 make music

Following our topic of electricity and sound; Year 4 Creators made panpipes, while Pathfinders made kazoos out of straws. In art;... Read more

March 29, 2019

Little Learners – Dinosaurs!

In Little Learners Nursery this week we have been learning about dinosaurs.  Amongst other exciting activities we have looked at how big a... Read more

March 28, 2019

Year 3 Statisticians

Year 3 have been looking at statistics this week. They have been learning about tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. Today, Year 3 used the... Read more