Reception enjoy a trip to Gorleston seafront!

Posted on: May 25, 2017

This morning, the boys and girls in Reception went on a lovely school trip to Gorleston seafront. They wanted to learn more about keeping themselves healthy so they went to the seafront to get some inspiration of different sports and exercises they could do.

First of all they took a gentle stroll along the promenade and observed the joggers, dog walkers and cyclists taking part in their various exercises. They also learnt about the sports that are available on the seafront including golf, bowling, tennis and basketball. Next they enjoyed a lovely fruit themed picnic with lots of colourful fruits including strawberries, bananas, tomatoes, grapes and apples. The children loved trying these!

After another break for a long drink of water, the boys and girls played some fun games including relay races, sack races and parachute activities. The adults loved getting involved too!

Their final fun thing to do was having a go on the pirate ship play area. This helped the children to keep fit by burning lots of energy off running up and down the ropes and planks on the ship!

Overall, it was a wonderful morning, made even better by the beautiful sunny weather.

Category: Academy news