What’s Happening at Herman – Reception – 03.07.2020

Posted on: July 3, 2020

Ahoy there me hearties! The learning in Reception this week has been focussed on Pirates. We were lucky enough to receive a letter from Captain Blackbeard, a pirate who’s ship was stuck on some rocks. He wanted us to help him to fix his ship, so we had to write a letter to check that he is a good pirate. He soon became our pen pal and we wrote letters back and forth all week. In Maths we had to teach pirates how to share their treasure fairly, and we used scales to balance.

Captain Blackbeard also left us a treasure hunt to complete and we used our knowledge of rhyming words to follow the clues and find his hidden treasure.

Our Battle of the Bubbles contest this week was a Walk the Plank Challenge, WE had to balance along the plank and then jump as far as we could off the edge. The lengths we added together and the winner of this week’s challenge were Bubble 3 with a length of 10m 73cm.
As usual we ended our week with a parade to show off our wonderful work.

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