What’s Happening at Herman – Reception – 10.07.2020

Posted on: July 10, 2020

 Reception have had a ‘ROAR’some week of learning around the theme of dinosaurs.
We have learned about how archeologists dig up fossils to help us to understand more about dinosaurs and we got a letter from MR DIG the paleontologist and helped him to become good at his job. We have sorted dinosaurs into groups of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores by working out what they would eat by investigating their features.We created our own fossils with salt dough amongst other exciting crafts.
Our weekly Battle of the Bubble challenge was a close contest this week, with the children having to work as a relay team to construct a dinosaur skeleton in the quickest time. All bubbles did a super job and this weeks deserving winner was Bubble 4 with a time of 1m53s.
The weekly parade was enjoyed by all as the Reception children chomped and stomped their way around the playground to show off their wonderful learning, with a surprise visit from a friendly dinosaur!!

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