What’s Happening at Herman – Reception

Posted on: June 15, 2020

Last week the learning in the Reception Bubbles have focussed on the theme of ‘Our Kingdom’. Our phonics sessions have been based on Zog, where we have labelled Zog and written a list to describe Zog. In Maths we have used our knowledge of number bonds to match the correct key to its lock, used 2d and 3d shapes to make castles and dragon eggs to help create number sentences, as well as completing  many dragon, knight and princess arts and crafts.

As part of ‘Battle of the Bubbles’ we took part in Knight School!! We had to learn to be valiant knights and complete an obstacle course to complete our Knight Course. Bubble 2 won the competition with a time of 5m32s. We ended the week with all bubbles taking part in a medieval parade, where they got to show the other bubbles their work from the week as well as learning a medieval dance and showing their knight skills.

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