Year 1/2 Stop, Look and Listen!

Posted on: April 1, 2014

On the 1st April a group of children from Year 1/2 took part in a pedestrian training session. A road safety volunteer, from Norfolk County Council, visited the school to teach the children all about road safety. The hour session started off with the group of 8 children having a safety talk about the importance of wearing  high visibility vests. They learnt how the stripes were visible at night and the vests were bright yellow in order to be seen during daylight. The group correctly named other people who wore these vests in the community; police, firebrigade and ambulance workers. The children suggested colours they could wear in order for them to be visibly seen by motorists. One child also pointed out that we should have bike lights when cycling at night.

The children, accompanied by some parent volunteers and members of staff were taken onto the school’s car park, wearing their high visibility vests, where they received a lesson about car lights. The pupils were shown the different coloured lights and what they all meant. They were particularly taught to watch out for the white light which indicated a car reversing.

After learning a lot of important safety points the children were taken out of the school gates to the roadside, where they were given clear instructions to help them cross the road safely. Holding their adult’s hand they followed the steps responsibly and crossed the road using all the safety points they had been told in the session. The children thoroughly enjoyed the training and made these comments.

” We have to stop, look and listen”- Keanan

” We have learnt how to cross the road safely”- Callum


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