Year 2 Dash Through the Decades

Posted on: April 3, 2019

This week Year 2 came dressed in various fashions from 1940’presents day.


We started the day in a 1940’s classroom, where the teachers were very strict, children stood up when an adult entered the room and we learnt by rote.
Through into the 1950’2, this decade saw the end of war and children could start to enjoy playing outside more. We enjoyed playing some traditional playground games.
After break came the dazzling colours of the 1960/70’s! What fun we had making tie dye patterns and exploring Andy Warhol’s pop art.
After lunch we entered a 1980’s classroom – the era of the the TV game show. Lessons were very similar to nowadays

but we found that technology has come along way since then! In fact Google recently turned 30 year old.

We then moved into the hall were we danced through the 1990’s and celebrated the change of the millennium at our New Years Eve Party!
Finally we reached present day and that got us thinking about what classes will be like in the future, how would technology change, would we even invent something new?

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