Year 2 Visit How Hill

Posted on: May 17, 2019

On Thursday 9th May Year 2 enjoyed a trip to How Hill.

The children (and adults) had a fantastic time exploring habitats and getting engaged with nature.
We started the day looking at the water habitat with dyke dipping, being very careful not to fall in! With the use of nets and trays we discovered various pond life that we identified with the help of a guide.
After this we went into the woodland habitat, turning over logs and shuffling through the leaves to find the mini beast hidden. We then spent time creating mini beast homes, thinking of what they would need to live.
After enjoying a picnic lunch on the hill we went for a nature walk through the Secret Garden. We soon discovered something strange underfoot! Every time to took a step we found that it was very spongy. We needed to investigate this further – after jumping up and down along the path we created stinky gas bubbling up from the water – we were actually walking on boggy marshland!
We enjoyed looking at the beautiful flowers, foliage and fungi on the walk and eventually found a bird hide where we got to view birds living out on the broads habitat.
On the walk back, our guide pointed out a small branch sticking up from a muddy puddle at the side of the pathway. We were flabbergasted when she started to pull the stick up out of the mud and suddenly it was over 4m tall!
Then she put her sticky, muddy hands on her face!
Some of us wanted to have the mud on our faces too – it was smelly but fun.
We finally arrived back at the hill and it was time to go home. With muddy wellies and lots of fun memories we head back to school.
Why not go for a visit to How Hill with your family, it’s free to enter and there are also Family Fun Days (at a small fee.) You can visit their website for more information.

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