Year 2 World War 2 evacuation!

Posted on: May 15, 2017

Today, pupils and staff from Year 2 went on an extremely exciting school trip. They have been learning about World War 2 as part of their topic, and this morning, they all arrived at school bright and early, dressed as evacuees. After a coach ride to Sheringham, they all boarded a steam train and were transported back to 1940’s Holt where they were treated like evacuee children would have been, as to give them an authentic experience of being a child in the war.

Upon arrival, a very loud air raid siren sounded meaning everyone had to get down low on the floor and  protect their heads to avoid getting hurt by a potential bomb threat. Luckily Holt was not struck in this particular raid so the evacuated children were able to carry on their day.

The evacuees were then split into 4 groups and did different activities. Firstly they learnt about war time rationing and made sandwiches to eat for lunch using typical wartime foods including unlimited cabbage, shredded carrot and beetroot and very small quantities of spam, cheese, butter and jam. Later on all the children ate their sandwiches for their lunch; they received very mixed reactions!

Another activity involved learning about the different types of aircraft that was present in the sky during the war. The children learnt how to distinguish German planes from English planes and the role of civilians in helping to prevent an air attack.

Everyone also briefly attended a war time school where they were taught how to wear their gas masks appropriately. An especially interesting fact that the children learnt was that gas masks for babies were huge and the whole baby went inside them! As well as this, child gas masks were red with a long nose and were designed to look like Minnie Mouse so they didn’t scare the children.

The final activity involved going into a wartime home which was actually a converted railway carriage. In this activity, the children experienced what home life would have been like the war including the concept of ‘make do and mend’. Many of them were surprised by the volume of household chores  that children were expected to do during the war.

At the end of what was an extremely fun yet tiring day, the children learnt some war time songs and sung them to the lowering of the flag which transported them back to 2017. It was a fantastic day enjoyed by all. Huge thanks must go to Mrs Upton and Miss Smith for organising the trip, parents for providing such fantastic costumes and all the staff at Sheringham and Holt for their role in such a memorable day.

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