Year 2

Remote Learning

Now that we are back in the academy, we want to ensure you have access to learning from home should you need to go into self-isolation. Below is the work that has been set by your teachers that will be being completed by your classmates.

There are also lots of excellent online resources that have been mad available by education providers too. Click the links below to access their incredible banks of resources.

White Rose Maths

Oak National Academy


At Herman we believe very strongly in the importance of reading, and we practice what we preach too… What have you read today? There are many online books available at the moment for children across the academy.

Click here to access a list of websites of books that we have complied for you.

All resources are in the format of a PDF document. This should be viewable on smart mobile devices/phones/tablets etc. however to download them you may need adobe reader installed on your computer. Click here to download adobe reader.

If you wish to complete any worksheets on your computer rather than print them out, there are a number of free pdf converters online that will change the document to your preferred format (word, pages etc.) such as or

Literacy Resources

Grammar Mat 1

Grammar Mat 2

Grammar Mat 3

Grammar Mat 4

Grammar Mat 5

Grammar Mat 6

Olympic Games Reading Comprehension Medium Ability













Maths Resources










Addition and subtraction Questions

Multiplication and Division Questions 1

Multiplication and Division Questions 2

Money Questions

Length and Height Questions

Fractions Questions

Place Value Questions

Properties of shape Questions

SATs Arithmetic Paper 1

SATs Arithmetic Paper 2

SATs Arithmetic Paper 3

SATs Reasoning Paper 2

SATs Reasoning Paper 3

Statistics Questions

Timestables Practise 2x

Timestables Practise 10x

Timestables Practise 5x

Timestables Practise 2x 5x 10x

Timestables Practise 2x 3x 5x 10x

Reading Resources

Dinosaur Egg Activity Card

T-Rex Activity Card

Mary Annings Diary Activity Card

Mary Anning Activity Card

Hide and Seek Activity Card

House for Sale Activity Card

Wanted Poster Activity Card

Troll’s Troubles Activity Card

The Glenfall Gazette Activity Card

A Postcard from Mo Farah Activity Card

Recipe for a Healthy Fruit Salad Activity Card

Doctor’s Orders Activity Card

Advice from a Dentist Activity Card

A Scarecrows Job

Turning Milk into Cheese

The Little Red Hen

Farmyard Babies

How the Kangaroos Got Their Tails Activity Card

Paul the Lucky Octopus Activity Card

The Great White Shark Activity Card

What Plants Need to Grow Activity Card

A Pirates Life For Me

Stowaway Stefan

How to Make a Pirate Stew

Female Pirates

A Helicopter Tour of London

The Isle of Coll

I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside

All about Africa

A Space Adventure Activity Card

Who Is Buzz Aldrin Activity Card

The Planet Zog Activity Card

Marvellous Moon Tours Activity Card

Superhero Times Activity Card

The Most Heroic Hero Activity Card

The Fearless Four Activity Card

Superheroes and Comic Books Activity Card

Antarctic Gazette Activity Card

Arctic Yoga Activity Card

Polar Bear – Fascinating Facts Activity Card

What Happened to Captain Scott Activity Card

Go Fish Activity Card

Mr Snuggles Gets Lost Activity Card

The History of the Yoyo Activity Card

Victorian Toys Activity Card

Mr Snuggles Gets Lost Activity Card

From a Railway Carriage Activity Card

How to Repair a Bicycle Puncture Activity Card

The London Underground Activity Card

The Naughty Bus Activity Card

How to Build a Snowman Activity Card

Song of the Seasons Activity Card

Terrible Tornadoes Activity Card

Terrific Travel Competition Activity Card

The Pendle Witches Activity Card

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Activity Card

Trick or Treat Activity Card

How to Make Teachers Disappear Activity Card

Spelling Resources

100 high frequency words

Adding-er-ed-and-ing-suffixes spelling activity

Adding-ful-or-less- Differentiated Activity Sheets

Common Exception Words

Guess the common exception word worksheet

SATs SPaG Paper 1

SATs SPaG Paper 2

SATs SPaG Paper 3

Suffixes-ment-ful-less-ness-and-ly spellings to practise