Year 3

Learning in Self-Isolation

During these challenging times we want to ensure you have access to learning should you find yourself in self-isolation. Below is the work that has been set by your teachers that will be being completed by your classmates.



Self-Isolation Work – Week Commencing 19.10.20

Self-Isolation Work – Week Commencing 19.10.2020

Yr 3 Spellings for WB 19.10


If you have any enquiries regarding this work you can get in touch with your teacher by emailing Please note; access to this learning will only be given if you have informed the office that you are in self-isolation.


There are also lots of excellent online resources that have been mad available by education providers too. Click the links below to access their incredible banks of resources.

White Rose Maths

Oak National Academy


At Herman we believe very strongly in the importance of reading, and we practice what we preach too… What have you read today? There are many online books available at the moment for children across the academy.

Click here to access a list of websites of books that we have complied for you.

All resources are in the format of a PDF document. This should be viewable on smart mobile devices/phones/tablets etc. however to download them you may need adobe reader installed on your computer. Click here to download adobe reader.

If you wish to complete any worksheets on your computer rather than print them out, there are a number of free pdf converters online that will change the document to your preferred format (word, pages etc.) such as or

New Maths Resources

2D shapes

3D shapes

Comparing Fractions Same Demoninator

Counting up and down in tenths

Fractions Parallel and Perpendicular lines

Place value Right angles

Write the fraction

Year 3 Equivalent Fractions Worksheets

Year 3 Summer Booklet – Maths

New Literacy Resources

Armed Forces Day Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Carnival Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Grammar 1

Grammar 2

Grammar 3

Grammar 4

Grammar 5

Grammar 6

Pet Care of a Dog Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Roald Dahl Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Sun Safety Reading Comprehension Activity

Tour de France Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Usain Bolt Biography Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Wimbledon Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Year 3 Summer English Activity Booklet

Maths Resources








Year 3 Just know it

Addition Workbook

Addition and Subtraction Workbook

Maths Workbook

Mental Maths Tests

Multiplication Wheels Activity Sheet

Adding Two 3 Digit Numbers in a Column with Carrying Work Sheet

Multiplication and division word problems, x3, x4, x8 activity sheet

Telling the time

Year 3 Spring 1 Activity Mat 1

Year 3 Spring 1 Activity Mat 2

Year 3 Spring 1 Activity Mat 3

Year 3 Spring 1 Activity Mat 4

Year 3 Spring 1 Activity Mat 5

Year 3 Spring 1 Activity Mat 6


Literacy Resources


A Storm is Brewing…

A Very Unusual Winter

Amazing Facts About the Human Body

Correct the spelling mistakes

Emma’s Puppy Problem

Grammar 1

Grammar 2

Grammar 3

Grammar 4

Grammar 5

Grammar 6

Great Galapagos

Two for One

Unusual Olympic Sports

First News 26th March

First News 2nd April

First News 24th April







Using Different Types of Conjunctions Differentiated Worksheet

Correct the spelling mistakes activity sheet pack

Statutory spellings word mat

Correct the sentence punctuation activity sheets

Correct the sentence punctuation activity sheets 2

Picture and prompts writing template

Uplevelling sentences

Spring Week 1

Spring Week 2

Spring Week 3

Spring Week 4

Spring Week 5


Science Resources


Grouping Rocks Cut and Stick Activity Sheet

Rock and soils fact sheets

Rocks Challenge Cards


History Resources


Skara Brae reading comprehension

Skara Brae fill the gaps

Iron Age Comprehension

Bronze Age Comprehension


Geography Resources



Our County Symbols Home Learning Task

The UK Challenge Cards The UK Fact Cards

The UK Word Search






Worksheet – UK Land Use Grid


French Resources


French colours rainbow

French days of the week

French how are you game

French months of the year

French number to 20

First conversations in french


Topic Resources



Paper Craft Stone Age Tools

Mammoth Instructions

Paper Craft Stone Age Mammoth Model


Helpful Websites


List of websites