Year 5

The Academy is now closed for the Summer Holidays and will be re-opening in September 2020. Year group email addresses are now closed. We have left resources available for you to access over the summer below

There are lots of excellent online resources that have been mad available by education providers too. Click the links below to access their incredible banks of resources.

White Rose Maths

Oak National Academy


At Herman we believe very strongly in the importance of reading, and we practice what we preach too… What have you read today? We are aware that many of the children have now finished the reading books they were sent home with. Unfortunately due to the limited access to the school site, we are unable to allow books to be changed. However there are many online books available at the moment for children across the academy.

Click here to access a list of websites of books that we have complied for you.

You can also take part in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge by clicking here.

All resources are in the format of a PDF document. This should be viewable on smart mobile devices/phones/tablets etc. however to download them you may need adobe reader installed on your computer. Click here to download adobe reader.

If you wish to complete any worksheets on your computer rather than print them out, there are a number of free pdf converters online that will change the document to your preferred format (word, pages etc.) such as or

Maths Resources


Multiplication and Division Learning from Home – Answer Book

Multiplication and Division Learning from Home – Workbook

Ultimate times tables challenge

2-digit x 2-digit multiplication practice activity sheet

Ultimate times tables missing numbers challenge activity sheet

Number and Place Value Workbook

Using short division to solve problems activity sheets

Four digit division with remainders activity

Revision Practice Booklet

Revision Practice Answer Booklet

Addition and Subtraction Activity Booklet

Addition and Subtraction Activity Answer Booklet

Blank Hundred Squares

Lesson Presentation Percentage Power

Marking Grid Percentage Power

Percentage Colouring Differentiated Activity Sheets

Fractions and understanding percentages


Literacy  Resources


SPAG activity mat 1

SPAG activity mat 2

SPAG activity mat 3

SPAG activity mat 4

SPAG activity mat 5

SPAG activity mat 6

Support Spelling List

Statutory Spelling List

Modal verb word mat

Relative clauses and relative pronouns activity booklet

Complete the Sentences with Modal Verbs Activity Sheets

Jane Goodall Presentation

Jane Goodall Persuasive Advert Worksheet

Adverbials for cohesion word mat

Writing checklist

Differentiated writing

Fronted adverbials word mat


Science Resources


Amphibian Life Cycle

Bird Life Cycle

Complete Metamorphosis Insect Life Cycle

Flowering Plant Life Cycle

Incomplete Metamorphosis Insect Life Cycle

Insect Life Cycle

Life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds

Mammal Life Cycle

Non Flowering Life Cycle

Reptile Life Cycle


Geography Resources


Antarctic Research Log Lower Ability

Antarctic Research Log Antarctica Fact Sheets

Antarctica Map Activity Sheet

Arctic Fact Sheets

Arctic Map Activity Sheet

Arctic Research Log Lower Ability

Arctic Research Log

Arctic Satellite Image Activity Sheet

Eric Larson Modern day Explorer

Exploring the Polar Regions Teaching Ideas

Polar Regions Presentation

The Explorer – Ed Stafford


French Resources


Lesson Plan

Lesson Presentation

PlanIt French User Guide

Success Criteria Grid

Unit Overview


Art Resources




Computing Resources


Lesson Plan Maze Game

Lesson Presentation Maze Game

Marking Grids.docx

Success Criteria Grids