Benefits of Teacher Led:

“Children are taught very effectively by a well-led team of teachers and teaching assistants. Their planning is informed by accurate and frequent assessment of the children’s responses.”

(Ofsted, 2017)

With research evidence strongly suggesting that the most effective Early Years provision occurs in settings led by a qualified teacher, we are delighted to be one of only a few teacher-led nurseries in the local area. Specifically, recent research suggests that children who attend teacher-led nursery have more advanced language and communication skills compared to their day-care attending peers. Please visit this link for more information.

A 2016 report entitled ‘Lighting Up Young Brains’ highlights the ‘critical role’ that teachers in Early Years play in supporting all children, regardless of their background, to achieve their full potential. Being part of a Primary Academy, we understand the importance of ensuring school readiness so that children enter Reception appropriately equipped with the skills required for the next stage of their learning.

The Little Learners’ Nursery sessions are taught by Mrs Carter (teacher), Mrs Norton and Mrs Harden (teaching assistants).