Adventurers take a trip to France!

Posted on: June 28, 2018

Adventurer’s Class’ journey to France
We arrived at the airport and patiently checked in our luggage. We received our boarding pass.
We joined a long queue of passengers at the gate ready to board Flight 100 to France.
As we arrived on the aircraft we looked for our seat numbers that were written on our boarding pass. We had lovely conversations with our passengers.
We listened to the safety procedures shown by the Air Hostess and then sat back and relaxed.
Then the in-flight meal arrived. We were given a tray and a napkin…..just in time for breakfast! …… a scrumptious croissant and a lovely drink of water presented in a range of bottles!
In no time we were ready to land….seat belts were fastened and down we went. A slightly bumpy ride some of the passengers said! First class passengers exited the aircraft first and then economy passengers followed!
Where to next? Possibly Year 1………………

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