Amazing Visit to Africa Alive!

Posted on: May 2, 2014

 On Thursday 24th April Years 1 and 2 had a fun packed day out at Africa Alive. During the day the children had the opportunity to see many animals up close.  T he children used the technical language they have learnt as part of their ‘Fur and Feathers’ topic to talk about the animals they saw. They were able to go into the Lemur enclosure and also the farmyard area. Some of them were even brave enough to touch the farm animals!

The children enjoyed watching the animals’  behaviour and finding out about where they come from and what they eat. Some of the children were able to read the information signs, using their fantastic reading skills. “Look, information!” shouted Kirsty when she saw the signs.

After such a lot of walking the children were pleased to have a chance to ride on the train and rest their legs. During the train ride the driver told the children all about the animals they were driving passed. “We have to keep our hands in the train to be safe,” said Mickey, “that’s why the chain is there.”

Some of their favourite parts were watching animals being fed, seeing the sleeping bats in the bat cave, watching the lemurs try to get treats from an egg and smelling an aardvark!

Mrs Roberts said, “The children were a credit to our academy, everyone was very well behaved.”

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