Children make Chocolate Cornflake Cakes!

Posted on: February 23, 2015

On Thursday 12th February, the lower key stage 2 cooking group made cornflake cakes, during their enrichment time. The 20 children prepped the tables ready to make their cakes and washed their hands. The pupils were split into groups of 4.Firstly the children melted their chocolate in the microwave before adding cornflakes and marshmallows to the mixture. Next, pupils took turns to mix the ingredients, making sure all of their cornflakes and marshmallows were covered in chocolate! Once this was done, using a spoon, they scooped out their mixture into bun cases. Finally, the bun cases were put into the fridge to cool and set. Twenty minutes later, the cornflake cakes were ready to take home.

Ryan from pathfinders said: “My favourite part of making cornflake cakes was mixing all the mixture together because it smelt so nice.”

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