KS1 become forensic scientists!

Posted on: February 22, 2018

Key Stage 1 have had an exciting day- they were no longer school children but forensic scientists! Dr Mandy Hartley taught the children all about what DNA is and how she uses it in her job as a forensic scientist and how this inspired her to be an author of the book “DNA Detectives- To Catch a Thief”. There was a crime to solve; a pet thief had taken 3 dogs and the children had to find DNA evidence in his shed to work out which 3 out of 5 dogs had been in the shed. Dr Hartley then worked with Year 1 to build a DNA Helix out of sweets¬† and Year 2 extracted real DNA from bananas! In the afternoon, Seekers class applied what we they had learnt to their choosing time and pretended to be scientists using various equipment in the water tray, making a paper DNA helix and looking closely at their fingerprints. What a great day!

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