Mind-Blowing Science!

Posted on: December 3, 2014

Key stage two pupils enjoyed a Mad Science Day on Thursday 27th November, when they welcomed Boffin Martin to the academy. Dry ice played an important part in the exciting experiments, which took place throughout the day. Pupils enthusiastically answered questions and had the opportunity to make predictions; for example what will happen if carbon dioxide is put over a flame? Their answers were then put to the test when Boffin Martin carried out the experiment, some children had guessed correctly; that the flame would go out due to the lack of oxygen.

Senior Year Pupils impressed Boffin Martin with their great answers when asked to give examples of solids, liquids and gases! One knowledgeable pupil described the differences by talking about the particles and ‘how close together they are determines whether they are a liquid, solid or gas.’

Clouds of smoke poured from ‘ the cauldron’ when Boffin Martin used dry ice to create the spooky effect used in lots of films, such as Harry Potter.

Volunteers were chosen to participate in one experiment, which involved dry ice and hot water being put into a container, with a lid on. One container hit the ceiling, due to the air pressure.

The best part was saved until last when the pupils got to enjoy making ice-cream and then got to eat their creations. Dry ice was added to liquid ice-cream, which one pupil said smelt like custard. The ingredients started off by bubbling but with more dry ice and plenty of stirring all of the children changed their liquid ice-cream into thick, creamy solid ice-cream.



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