Mind-boggling Maths for Able Pupils!

Posted on: February 25, 2015

On Monday 23rd February a group of ten pupils from year 5/6 attended an ‘Able Maths Day’, which was held at North Denes Primary in Great Yarmouth. Pupils were introduced to Peter Hall, their speaker for the day, who teaches for a living. During the day, the eager children took part in various maths activities including: making tangrams using seven shapes,solving  magic squares and a calculating game, where the pupils had to use their algebra knowledge to work out a formula to calculate scores in a football match. Teamwork was a key point of the day, with the students working together to solve the challenges given. A group of four boys from the academy excelled when solving the magic squares puzzle and were named “The Magic Squares Ambassadors”. This important title gave them the opportunity to help and show other groups, from different schools in the local community, how they worked out the brain teasers.

Cameron, a year 6 pupil said, “It was very challenging and I enjoyed making the tangrams.”

Paris added, “It was really fun and I really enjoyed working out the magic squares, which were extremely frustrating at times!”


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