Mysterious ‘Nest’ Found at Ormiston Herman Academy!

Posted on: April 20, 2015

On Monday 20th April, the students of OHA found out about a mysterious nest on the school grounds.

This creature is unknown at the moment, since all this happened at the weekend. The person that found the nest is the site manager of the academy.

This event happened in the pond area of OHA. Everybody was shocked to find this happening.At the moment we are not sure how this happened or who did it. However, there is a chance that it’s a big creature because of the size of the nest.

Marcus, from year 5 said, “I think this event is a big shock to all.”

Mrs Dales said that she thinks that this creature leaves trails of green glitter.

This is an astonishing event and I’ll try to keep you updated as investigations go on.

Reported by Patrick Dales

Category: Academy news