Pupils ‘Are on the Ball’ during World Cup Week!

Posted on: June 18, 2014

World Cup fever hit Ormiston Herman Academy last week! Each class spent the whole week focussing on one team, enabling the children to find out as much information about their chosen country as possible. Pupils in Birch class learnt all about Argentina, finding out about the language spoken, famous landscapes and traditions.Other countries researched included;Portugal, Spain and Italy. On Friday 13th June, pupils and staff came into the academy wearing football related clothing, or sporting the colours of the country they had been learning about all week. Pupils visited different ‘countries’ in the morning, remembering to get their passports stamped on arrival! During their short visits they enjoyed learning about different countries; in Mexico children experienced the taste of avocado smoothies and in Australia pupils got creative making boomerangs. In the afternoon children took part in a sporting event, in which they had the opportunity to take part in various physical activities. Pupils collected points as they went round, which were turned into housepoints. An assembly took place at the end of the day to announce the winners.Well done to Saturn house in EYFS, Venus in key stage one and Jupiter in key stage two, who will be rewarded with a non-uniform day on July 17th! Also, congratulations to Plum Class (Portugal) and Birch Class (Argentina) who collected the most points and proudly received the world cup trophies!


Ollie, in Year 2 said, “I think its excellent that we get to learn all about the World Cup at school!”

Kira , a pupil from Year 1 said, “I liked learning Russian! I can count to 10 now.”
Mr Shreeve, ( teaching assistant) , commented,  “It was a really exciting week. The sports tournament on Friday provided an opportunity for children to experience a range of physical activities and they proudly represented their countries; demonstrating excellent sportsmanship.”
Miss Sinclair, ( teacher), said , “It has been an extremely successful week with lots of exciting cross-curricular learning. I am very pleased with how the children have engaged with the topic and the level of enthusiasm expressed by everyone involved. It will be interesting to see how the children’s interests develop as the tournament progresses.”

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