Pupils face Marble-run Challenge!

Posted on: February 26, 2015

Making marble-runs was one of the activities on offer to pupils in ks2 for their enrichment time. During their first session, children had to spend time planning their design, paying special attention to what materials they needed. In week two, the group of creative pupils enthusiastically got to work on their designs. Wood, plastic bottles and cardboard were some of the materials used. Children were given the opportunity to use saws to cut their wood and glue guns to securely stick their materials together. Some chose to work collaboratively in groups, while others chose to work alone, but everyone enjoyed building their marble- runs. The task involved a lot of problem-solving, but the pupils rose to the challenge.After the four weeks most of the children had a finished design, which had been tried and tested with a marble.

Antony, a year 5 pupil said, ” It wasn’t easy to make, but I enjoyed the challenge.”

More photos of the completed marble-runs, are available on the website gallery.

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