The Magical, Musical, Matilda Experience!

Posted on: June 19, 2014

On Wednesday 18th June, 41 extremely excited children (and 8 adults), set off by coach to London. Pupils, from upper key stage 2 and staff were lucky enough to be going to see the theatre production of Roald Dahl’s well-known story ‘Matilda’  Children were kept occupied on the long  journey by joining in with games of bingo, quizzes and a grab raffle.Each child was also provided with an activity pack to keep them busy. Pupils were given a sight seeing tour of some special landmarks in London by the coach driver Graham, as they passed through the centre of the city, including the famous ‘Shard’ and Trafalgar Square.

Both children and adults thoroughly enjoyed the production of Matilda and found the whole London theatre experience magical.Pupils got the opportunity to purchase souvenirs from the gift shop after the show; toy newts, books and ‘ Children are Maggots’ merchandise being popular choices.

Lily, a pupil in year 5 said , ” My favourite part was when Miss Trunchball flung Amanda around by her pigtails.”

Teigan, from year 6  commented, ” The part I will remember the most was when the laser beams came across the audience and scared me out of my skin!”

Lewis, year 6 pupil said, ” My favourite character was Matilda because she was always standing up for herself and others.”

Mrs Spall, OHA’s secretary added, “The show was absolutely fantastic with great characters and actors! My favourite character was the librarian.”

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