Year 1 and Year 2 become DNA Detectives

Posted on: March 2, 2020

The author of the children’s book ‘The DNA Detectives’ Dr Mandy Hartley came to our academy for the day for some exciting workshops with Year 1 and 2. We were altogether in the hall to act out solving the crime of the pet thief, talking about DNA evidence and the role of a forensic scientist, which Dr Mandy used to be! She also told us about how she writes her books and the children helped her to write a chapter of a book by choosing characters, settings and describing what the characters experienced through their senses of touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. Later the Year 1 children made a DNA Helix out of sweets and Year 1 became scientists and extracted DNA from bananas! The children wrote all about their interesting experiences the next day.

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