Year 4 Norwich Castle Visit

Posted on: December 12, 2018

Year Four continued their study of the Anglo-Saxon era with a fantastic trip to Norwich Castle.

Our visit began with a metal detectorist discovering a brooch in Norfolk that reveals the story of Thurweald, an Anglo Saxon warrior King and his people. We met different Anglo Saxon characters who revealed the story of Thurweald, who has died. It is a time to mourn but also wonder at his life, the things he has done, the lives he enabled his people to live.

We met the metal detectorist and examined gallery exhibits to learn about the burial practices and beliefs of the Anglo Saxons. We travelled back in time to meet villagers and handle real and replica objects to gather information about costume, domestic life, religion, craftsmanship, work and trade. Finally we re –enacted one of the heroic adventures of Thurweald.

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