Photos: Year 3 at the Time and Tide Museum

Posted on: October 1, 2015

Children in Year 3 visited Great Yarmouth’s fantastic Time and Tide museum this week. The purpose of the visit was to enrich the learning about Roman’s and Saxons which the pupils have been enjoying this half term. The visit was led by Mr. Martinez and Miss Horton who are teachers in Pathfinders and Wayfarers classes. Children were asked to explain what they enjoyed during their visit and the learning they brought back from their trip. You can read their quotes underneath the gallery below.

“Titus the Centurion taught us how to fight in a battle. We were shown how to correctly use a shield and a sword. The helmet doesn’t cover your ears so you can hear the leader.” – Cheyenne.

“Siggurd the Saxon gave us a drink of mead. Mead is alcohol made from honey.” – Adam.

“Ale the Slave told us that slaves have to work very hard when Romans are in the room. Ale said that when there isn’t a Roman in the room you can relax and don’t have to work as hard. He said if you get caught you will get beaten and you must have a good excuse for not working.” – Emily.

Emiliya was able to help Ale the slave with his counting. Emiliya was able to recognise 1-10 in roman numerals.     

“I learnt that when the Romans aren’t around the slaves can relax but when the Romans come back they have to work hard.” – Rhylee.         

“I liked learning how to fight in an army with Titus the Centurion. I enjoyed charging at the Saxons.” – Hugo.              

“My favourite part of the day was learning the correct way to use a sword.” – Breydon.

“I enjoyed learning how to be a Roman and what it was like. I really liked meeting Lady Livia and guessing what her objects were used for, it was lots of fun.” – Sophie.



“My favourite part of the day was learning how to fight during a battle.” – Logan W.

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