Wellbeing Week

Posted on: May 24, 2017

Last week was Wellbeing Week in the Academy. The week began with a special assembly introducing the concept of ‘wellbeing’ and helping the children to understand how this is an important part of their every day lives.

Throughout the week, all classes had the opportunity to complete some activities related to wellbeing. The Pioneers class thought about what makes a good friend and made posters containing features of good friends. Meanwhile, Pathfinders and Navigators had a go at playing ‘kick the can’ which involves working together as a team to stop the people who are ‘it’ catching everyone. They also¬†created emotion poems based on different feelings and made hexa-flexgons and Emotion Posters whilst watching the film Inside Out.

Overall, this week was very well received by the pupils. Michael from Year 5 commented ‘it helped me to understand people’s feelings in a better way’. Jasmine (Year 3) was equally positive and said ‘the week helped me learn about emotions and taking care of my friends’.

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