Results of the Parents’ Evening Survey

Posted on: December 8, 2014

You may remember that at the last parents’ evening we offered all parents the chance to complete a survey. We are sharing the results of the survey with you and also the actions that we will take based on the responses that you gave.

It is always pleasing when you tell us how well we are doing. We like to know that we are meeting the high expectations that you have of us. Equally, we need to know when we could do things differently to improve the services that we offer you and your child.

The narrative from the report is included in this post but it is also available for you to download to your computer here: PARENTAL PERCEPTION FEEDBACK RESULTS

We would like to thank every parent who took the time to complete the questionnaire on offer at the Parents’ Evening in October. We really do value your feedback and use the data it provides us to further improve the provisions for your child.


My child enjoys school:

A majority of 88% of parents surveyed said that their child enjoys coming to Herman Academy. Whilst this is very reassuring that we are offering the right level of challenge, stimulational and pastoral care, it does mean that for a small 5% who did not agree with this statement we have some work to do. We will be working with our class teachers and pastoral team to identify and support further, where we can, children when they are having a difficult time in or away from the academy.


This school helps my child make progress:

Only 2% of parents disagreed with this statement, giving us near-100% of parental support for the high class learning that happens every single day at Herman, and for the developmental and enriching curriculum we have designed to educate the whole child.


My child feels safe at school:

Parents agree overwhelmingly that Herman is a safe place for their child. Of course, childhood is a fluid time and friendships change and disagreements can happen but 96% of our parents testify that their child has confidence in the team at Herman to provide a supportive and caring environment where good learning can take place.


I am happy with school safety and security:

Resonating with the statement above, 95% of our parents have confidence in the security and safety arrangements for their child. This supports statements made in the past by Ofsted, the Local Authority and Ormiston Academies Trust who all have endorsed the systems at Herman.


I am happy with the information that I receive about the school:

We know that there is often a lot of information that needs to be communicated to parents. We always try to do this in a timely manner, efficiently and effectively as possible. With a satisfaction approval from parents of 89% we know that you are happy with how we communicate but we strive to do more. We will send out more information electronically by delivering information to your mobile phone via text, all letters will be placed on our website and our Twitter feed, @OrmistonHerman, will also carry the latest news. Don’t worry, we will still send out letters home via your child too.


I am happy with how I receive information about my child’s work:

When compared to other responses, this statement received the a lower figure of agreement. A figure of 82% approval means that we think that we need to work with you on this. We have already started planning ways to keep parents as updated as possible. One area we would like to work with you on is that of understanding how your child learns. Visit our survey page and help us understand more about how we can help you.


I am happy with the resources of the school:

Unsurprisingly, we received a strong seal of approval here. We have worked hard to make so that our fully qualified, hard working teachers from EYFS to Year 6 and support staff are backed up with good quality resources. We have invested heavily in the latest technology, doubling the number of computers available to children, we have secured funding for innovative classrooms in the Senior Year and all our children have access to all they need to help them learn each day.


I am happy with the way the behaviour is dealt with:

When responding to this statement, 12% of parents said that they disagreed. Behaviour is an emotive subject and can sometimes leave parents feeling that their child has been dealt with inadequately. We have published our Behaviour Policy on our website and class teachers explain clearly to all children our the ‘Snake and Ladder’ rewards and consequences systems.


Children are praised and rewarded for their efforts:

We always try to praise each child for good choices, good learning and good contributions – both inside and outside the academy. Our celebration assembly, which is held each week with the Principal and Vice Principal, is just one of the ways that we ensure children feel valued for their efforts. We have a house point system which is firmly embedded, Star of the Week in all year groups and The Golden Book to further reward children. Approval for these systems is high amongst parents with 90% giving the academy positive feedback.


My child is happy in the playground:

Knowing that your child is happy at school is really important to you as parents. As well as enjoying great lessons, child also make friends, learn to play and share together during break and lunchtimes. The 91% approval rating from parents backs up our own findings and the findings from our last Ofsted inspection that children enjoy all aspects of the academy.


I feel comfortable about coming into the school with my questions and queries:

It is reassuring that 95% of parents who responded felt that they could agree with this statement. We try hard to make the academy as inviting as possible. We have members of staff at the KS1 and KS2 entrances each and every morning, usually including either the Principal or Vice Principal, to welcome children and answer queries from parents. We also offer an appointment system whereby meetings with Senior Leaders and teachers can be made at a mutually convenient time.


The arrangements for pupils with Special Educational Needs are satisfactory:

The success of all children is central to all that we do, regardless of their starting point in life. Whilst not every child has a level of need at school, only 3% of parents thought we could do more to help. Our policies are all published on the website and our SENCO, Miss. Horton, directs teachers to review practices at appropriate intervals. Where parents feel we could do more we will always work in partnership to do our very best.

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